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ShareWeb values your privacy! ShareWeb will not knowingly use personal customer information in ways that violate laws in the Unites States of America.

Our privacy policies are continuously changing due to the dynamic nature of information technology and internet law. Our privacy policy may change without notice, and customers are encouraged to check this page for the newest in policy changes.

ShareWeb is opposed to spam and supports legislation to end the mass "annoyance" e-mails that are clogging the e-mail infrastructure. ShareWeb does use e-mail to promote our products and services to users we think may be interested. We try to keep these messages to a minimum mostly for information about site updates, new products, and special offers.

Use our systems at your own risk. Computer information systems and global information networks contain inherent security vulnerabilities, and government spy systems. ShareWeb makes no warranties about privacy, safety, or security of customer information or content.

ShareWeb will not be held responsible for any damages that result from use of our systems.

Your information and/or personal content may be used for resolution of billing disputes or other administrative purposes. ShareWeb customers, site members, system administrators, and other persons may have (intentional legitimate) access to some of your personal information available in our systems.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us!

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