Dear Surfer: You may have noticed that after a while it gets tiresome sifting through endless pages of links on your favorite topics. Search engines aren't what they used to be! You can spend hours searching only to find a few good quality pages of interest, and even many of the good sites are littered with annoying banner ads and browser traps.

What's next? After you find the few interesting sites, you can spend your whole life looking for an update! ShareWeb is bringing you the content you are looking for without wasting your time and energy searching and linking until your fingers are sore!

The Catch: What makes our communities really great?  Our members!  If you want to be a member you are asked to contribute in some way to get access. This process allows the Webmaster to run a truly amazing community! Getting into a ShareWeb is easy and definitely worth it. 

Better surfing! Coming to a browser near you!


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